Why use theGFSI

theGFSI is an Intelligent International Directory Service designed for business use.


Within theGFSI you can be both a paying member as well as promote your business and services managing your own profile. You will benefit from separate logins to manage the access, this supports that you can allocate who can access the complete directory and who can edit the information promoting your organisation.


For paying members:

theGFSI provides information detailing current grant funding, events and business information available using the search option which is managed defining criteria including industry type, business entity and country. This is ideal when looking for specific information.


When considering projects and growth programmes this service will provide you with relevant information in one place, supporting the design of your strategy and its stage development.


Thinking about setting up an office or business abroad

You will need to access information regarding the local area you are considering. Using theGFSI you can access this information which includes:

  • Local tax offices
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance providers
  • Government offices providing advice and guidance
  • Grant funding available
  • Details of events to support networking, skills and knowledge development
  • Business service providers for example human resources, tenders, office supplies and many more
  • Potential partners identifying skill levels and service provision matched with contact details

Want to submit a tender for the first time

You can find details of

  • Tendering organisations, both free and those where subscriptions apply, that once registered you will be notified of tenders relevant to you and the services you want to be considered for
  • Experienced bid writers local to you who will assist you to complete and understand the tender process, compiling of relevant information including policies and evidencing documentation where needed.
  • Events where public sector organisations hold “Meet the Buyer” events, these events allow you opportunity to ask questions of the decision makers that you can identify if tendering within the public sector is for you.


For those registering their business to promote their services within theGFSI Directory

You will benefit from

  • Linking social media accounts creating ease of access for users to view your details
  • Linking your Facebook account to manage your profile, reducing management time in processing information multiple times
  • Promote your events
  • Promote grant funding if relevant to your organisation


Profiles include full maps showing your location and contact details as well as social media links, website links and your content that you update and add to when relevant.


You are in control.